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Senior Two-Minute Dating Game

by Lance Coll

I’ve spent the last few years trying to find a simple, yet very effective, way to attract mature women. I’ve literally tried nearly everything out there. Although what you’re about to read may be simple, it has taken me approaching a countless number of mature women to perfect this. I call it two-minute game. In essence, I find this to be the most effective way to approach and attract mature women without wasting a lot of time learning a ton of intricacies about body language, negging, storytelling, displays of higher value, etc, and not wasting a lot of time actually in set.

I first introduced two-minute game last week when I put up a hastily post about it, and this is the result of further refinement as a result of looking back on more data that I’ve collected over the years. Before I get started, I want to address the problems I found with both direct and indirect game. Two-minute game is the best parts of both indirect and direct game without the problems and hurdles that lies within both styles of game.

Let’s begin with direct game. The benefit of direct game is that you communicate your sexual interest in a woman very early in the interaction. What this does, is prevent you from wasting time on “maybe” chicks. You know that if the girl continues to talk to you, or gives you her phone number, that she is at least somewhat interested in you. Also, with direct game, it communicates to the woman that you are a man, and the basis of the interaction is sexual, which triggers sexual feelings in her as well if she’s interested in you. Being sexual is something that is necessary if you want a woman to see you in a sexual way.

Now let’s look at the disadvantages of direct game. First off, for some mature women, when you use straightforward direct game, you are basically asking the woman to judge you on nothing more than your appearances and your attitude. Also, if you’re very direct early on, for some mature women, it can feel like you’re coming on too strong too soon. And when used during the daytime, direct game can scare a lot of mature women off. What all of this means, is that you can sometimes scare mature women away or turn mature women off that may have otherwise been interested in you had you showed them a little bit of your personality first and/or gotten them more comfortable with you since you are a complete stranger.

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With indirect game, you get to show a little bit of your personality. What this does, it cause some mature women to look past a few of your shortcomings, especially if you aren’t the best-looking guy in the world. It also has the benefit of getting you a lot of phone numbers, since you have a very social, friendly vibe going on. Indirect game has the ability to make you a popular guy among a woman’s friends, since it can be very entertaining to them and you can demonstrate having a lot of social value.

Moving on to the disadvantages of indirect game, being indirect means that you’re caught in this loop of giving value, and taking value away from the woman, which is quite difficult if you're not VERY experienced. Since you never communicate sexual interest, it is totally possible to get the phone number of a woman, and never have her see you in a sexual way, as indirect game doesn’t really create any sexual tension. In other words, it poses the danger of placing you in the let’s just be friends zone.

Also, with the emphasis on stealthy kino escalation, you can sometimes creep mature women out, and it’s not a very effective tool during the day. You can SOMETIMES also end up with mature women who are wondering “OK, why did this guy ask me this question?/tell me that/do that to me?” and think that you’re kind of weird, without you ever knowing it. And finally, when using indirect game, you can sometimes be called out on hitting on them mature women, which leaves you in a bad position. Those are the issues that I always kept on my mind, and I sought ought to find a solution to these dilemmas. That’s when I started working on two-minute game.

What does two-minute game look like? As I’ve stated before, two-minute game is all about getting in and out of a set of mature women in about two minutes or less. I asked myself: what are the absolute necessities when approaching a woman with or without her friends, daytime or nighttime, so that I can get a pretty solid phone number if I am a decent looking guy? Not only that, but I also asked myself: how could I eliminate all of the negative aspects that tend to plague both direct and indirect game? The solution I came up with is detailed in my outline of two-minute game.


Alright, what must a guy demonstrate within two minutes if he wants to leave a very favorable impression on a woman? For one, he needs to demonstrate a little bit of personality. I focused in on humor. Why? Because if you ask any woman what she wants in a man’s personality, almost all of them will place “a sense of humor” at or near the top of their list. That, and you can never go wrong with humor. There really is nothing negative about making a woman laugh.

If a guy doesn’t want to be placed in the friend zone, then he must establish some kind of sexual interest without the risk of creeping a girl out or coming on too strong or too vulgar. This means no invasive touching, no vulgar comments or suggestions, and demonstrating your sexual interest near the end of the two-minute interaction, thus giving the mature women time to judge you by more than just your looks, but your personality as well. This also prevents mature women from calling you out on gaming them, and prevents you from having to play the whole give value/take away value game and getting caught up in all kinds of intricate tools to use for this situation and that situation (IOD’s, DHV’s, IOI’s, negs, body language negs, etc.).

I’ve broken two-minute game down into four easy steps: Open, jack, sexualize, and close. Opening is the step that gets your foot in the door, so to speak. Jacking is taking the girl you want and showing her the humorous side of your personality. Sexualizing is letting your sexual interest in a woman be known. And closing is exchanging phone numbers. I’ll break down the process of each step below:


1. Open -->By Complimenting (~20 seconds)

Always open with a compliment. Why? Because complimenting someone will almost ALWAYS break down their defenses, at least long enough for you to move to the next step (jacking). Has there ever been a moment where someone has complimented you and you at least not be willing to open up to them for at least a few more seconds? I have never complimented a woman and gotten a bad reaction from her. There is also another benefit of opening with a compliment: it’s easier. From my own experiences, and from training guys, I find that the most comfortable way to get a guy to open a girl, is by using a compliment. So, the first step, is to pick out something about the woman you want to compliment, whether it is her hair, nails, shoes, whatever, and compliment it. It will work in any environment, daytime or nighttime.

2. Jack -->The Girl (~1 minute)

You always want to give mature women a reason to like you other than your looks, so you need to show a bit of personality, preferably your humorous side. This is simple: take whatever routine you have, and add a humorous twist to it. If you make her laugh, then you’ve done your job. Bullshit routine or not, she will remember that you were funny while doing it. The purpose of the routine(s) isn’t to impress her with the actual routine, but rather, to show her the humorous side of your personality.

But what if the girl tries to ignore you after you’ve complimented her? Then you jack her by extending your hand and introducing yourself as you would normally. Since you complimented her, she will feel obligated to at least extend her hand introduce herself as well. When she does this, you simply grab hand, and go into a humorous routine that involves her hand(s). Notice how since you have her hand, and are going into a routine that involves her hand, you have basically jacked her into taking a look at your personality.

What are some routines that involve hands? 1-10 fun/playful spin/estrogen-testosterone/psychic together/ring finger/palm reading/nail color/nail length. You can figure them out on your own if you’re familiar with the various routines out there. All that matters is that you add a humor to them. When you do that, no matter what routine you run, it never comes off as creepy or weird for you to be doing/asking.

And for added effect, you always want to tease the girl a little in a playful way; I prefer to do this via some kind of role-playing. However, role-playing isn’t necessary. You can just tease her while running your initial routine. All that matters is that you try to make whatever you’re doing last about one minute.

3. Sexualize -->The Interaction (~20 seconds)

You obviously don’t want a woman to see you as just a friendly guy that she can make her friend. You want her to know that you do see her in a sexual kind of way so that there is no confusion. However, you don’t want to do this by using kino, especially during the daytime, as doing too much kino early on, especially sexual kino, can creep-out mature women.

How do you sexualize the interaction? You simply tell her something along the lines of “Seriously, I just did all of that because I am totally hitting on you.”. Not only does this establish you as a man (and not her friend), but also it basically eliminates any backlash from her or her friends calling you out (either while you’re there, or when you leave), on being a guy that is just using lines and whatnot.

Why sexualize now? By now, a woman has seen a good taste of your personality, so if she isn’t sexually interested by now, she probably won’t ever be. Not only that, but by sexualizing the interaction, you nullify any weirdness that any of the routines you ran might have caused (and yes, I’ve talked to girls, and they were kind of weirded out when some guys ran certain routines). It’s basically you saying “I did all of that bullshit because I wanted to talk to you.”. When you admit that, any creepy or weird feelings are eliminated, as you are stating that you made all of that up.

4. Close -->By Qualifying (~20 seconds)

And finally, you want to close by qualifying the girl and exchanging contact information. You just told her that you were sexually interested in her, so you want to shock her a little by asking her a qualifying question before you exchange contact information. Right now, she’s thinking that she got you easily. You want to make her feel like she at least did something to obtain you. And this is when you simply ask one qualifying question before you number close her.


1. Open -->By Complimenting

You: “I love your shoes. They are like the best shoes I’ve seen all night. Where’d you get them?”

Her: “blah, blah, blah”.

2. Jack -->The Girl

You: “I’m Don Juan, and you are?” (extending your hand)

Her: “Mary Magdalene” (she extends her hand to shake yours)

(jacking the girl) (jacking the girl isn’t necessary if she is responding really well and no one looks to try to quickly steal her away. In this case, you can run any humorous routine, as she is already jacked into you)

You: “You have a firm handshake. Do you know what they say about girls with firm handshakes?”

Her: “No.”

You: “They say that they are total nerds. You were a nerd in high school weren’t you? You look like this girl in my high school that use to draw little pictures of...” (combining a handshake routine and the Horsegirl routine, adding a humorous spin to both)

3. Sexualize -->The Interaction

You: “I’m just BSing you. I totally made all of that up because I think you’re kind of cute and I wanted to talk to you.”

4. Close -->By Qualifying

You: “Anyhow, beauty is common. What do you have going for you other than your looks?”

Her: “I’m fun.”

You: “Oh really. I wanna see about that. We should totally hang out.” (exchange contact information)


1. Open -->By Complimenting
2. Jack -->The Girl
3. Sexualize -->The Interaction
4. Close -->By Qualifying

Notice how I went in, did only what was necessary to leave a positive impression on the girl, and I got out before making any mistakes. Also, notice that nowhere in there is there room for anyone to take her away until I’ve got the contact info; the compliment buys enough time to go into a routine, there’s nothing in there that says creepy, I made her laugh, and I’ve admitted to using the routine as an excuse to talk to her. Not only that, but I quickly made her qualify herself while exchanging contact information. Go in, do what’s absolutely necessary, and get out. At this point, you would go into pseudo-comfort, something that I already covered a few days ago.


It amazes me how many men will have a girl willing to go home with them, but they sit and wait around for something to go wrong. If a girl is going to go home with you, it shouldn’t take longer than five minutes. I’ll let you guys in on something, with every girl outside of my social circle that I brought home and/or slept with, I did it within about 2-3 minutes of meeting her. I do social circle mature women a little differently, but two-minute game isn’t about social game, it’s about cold approaching. Several of my friends have seen me do this. I’ll be talking to a girl, and within about 2-3 minutes, I’ll have her leaving with me/us, or at least agreeing to do so and leaving or meting up with us a little later. Either way, I know whether a girl is coming home with or not with 2-3 minutes of meeting her.

How do I do this? I follow the exact same procedure, except I don’t number close. I simply add one extra step: Offer -->An Outcome. So, it would look like this:

1. Open -->By Qualifying
2. Jack -->The Girl
3. Sexualize -->The Interaction
4. Close -->By Qualifying
5. Offer -->An Outcome

Let’s focus on step 5:

5. Offer-->An Outcome

Before I get started, I want to say that if you’re going to go the one-night stand route, you do have to look decent. Don’t think that you’re going to have a lot of success taking mature women home with you for sex if you’re a guy that dresses like a bum and is completely out of shape. You really need to be somewhat physically appealing relative to the girl you’re talking to. And I also want you to know that overweight and unattractive mature women think that they are more attractive than what they really are in nightclubs due to the more attractive guys out just looking for a piece of ass and hitting on them.

Anyhow, let’s get back on the situation at hand. Right after you qualify the girl with a question, you simply offer her an opportunity to go home with you, either for sex, or for an afterparty (if that’s your thing). I prefer to make an offer for sex, and this is about one-night stands, so I’m going to focus on that.

You’ve offered her the opportunity to have sex with you, so what do you do after that? You address all of her issues right away. I do this by letting the girl know that no one else has to know. I also give the girl an alibi to use should her friends decide to investigate or become concerned. For instance, if we’re going to leave and her friends are nearby, I show them my I.D. and give them my cell phone number. However, if the girl is alone, or one my boys are gaming her friend, I don’t worry about all of that, as the girls will be in on it together. But what if she says “maybe later”? Simply exchange contact information and text her later on that night.

Alright, so how might the dialogue of this actually look? Here we go:


4. Close -->By Qualifying

You: “Are you a fun girl?”

Her: “Yeah.”

5. Offer -->An Outcome

You: “Oh really? I’ll be straight up with you; I wanna take you home with me. It’s not like we’ll see each other again. No one even has to know. You only live once. Sometimes in life, you just gotta do something fun, so you’ll have the memory to look back on when you’re old and can’t do the things you had the opportunities to do when you were younger. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?”

(At this point, you need to keep a very calm, relaxed tone of voice, and be very laid back with your body language, showing no ridiculous smile. Just maintain eye contact and wait on her to respond)

Her: “I can’t leave my friends.”

You: “Well, why don’t we just meet up later, after they’re gone? You cool with that?”

(This is the most like scenario. Whatever excuse she gives you, just address it right then and there. It’s amazing how many guys don’t just do it. What can she say if you address every little objection she might have? One more thing. IF she gives you more than two objections, just get the contact information in case she changes her mind. Trust me, it happens.)

This is how I pull mature women home with me in five minutes or less. Obviously, if you want to take her home for an afterparty (which I don’t recommend), then you just adapt this for that situation. Once she agrees or admits her interest in going home with you, you simply extend your hand and tell her to come on or to follow you. Do not wait around for her to change her mind or for something to go wrong. If she has to wait a second for whatever reason, just continue with qualifying type questions as if you never asked her to come home with you.