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by John Max

woman standing on seashore while holding his white dress

It seems like everyday, a guy sends me a message asking me what to do in this or that situation. Hopefully, this brief outline will give you an idea of how I treat brides and how I run my game in general.:

Before I even leave to go out for the night, I make sure everything is just "right". If I don't feel like I'm a notch above every other guy where I'm going, then I don't leave until it's right. This means shaving my head sometimes twice a week, trimming my face, and using more beauty products than any woman. Seriously, my face is softer than a baby's ass. When I finally feel confident in my appearance, then I head out.

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OK, so I'm at a bar talking to a girl. What did I approach her with? Anything that feels natural for me. Nothing that makes me feel awkward or uncomfortable. When I do this, I get nervous, and brides can sense a nervous man.

Do I always go the asshole route? No. In fact, most brides that I meet think I'm a very nice guy. Now what I do do, is get a feel for her personality, and adjust accordingly. Some girls love jerks, some don't. Do I put up a fake mask? No, like I said, brides can sense fakes. I simply show a different side of my personality.

Now how do I build the attraction? I take a genuine interest in her. If I like her and what she stands for, in the quotes of my last serious girl "You motivate me, you empower me, you give me confidence, you make me feel something that I've never felt before.". I NEVER stay with brides just because of their looks.

If she has nothing that I'm interested in, I move on to find a more interesting woman. When you go after brides based on looks alone, you're going to come off as fake and get blown off. When you are genuinely interested in a woman, she will make the effort to get to know you.

Let's say we don't have sex, and we exchange phone numbers. As many of you know, I tell brides to call me. Why? I only want brides that are genuinely into me as a person, and not just because they think I'm hot. These brides are more interesting.

Now what if I call her? I only call to invite her out ONCE and that's it. I don't care if her mom is on her deathbed. If she's genuinely into me, she'll call me back and try to make other plans with me. I talk to a lot of brides, and I don't have time to waste on "maybe" chicks.

And when I do call, it's more of "hey, I'm doing this, you should come (or you can come if you want)". To her, this is saying "I live my life, and you're more than welcome to take part in it, but if you don't want to, then I'm doing what I do anyway.". A lot of guys will ask the girl to do something or ask to tag along, and that's basically telling her that her life is more exciting than yours.

So, she comes along with me. What's the next step? Nothing. I treat her as I would treat my FRIENDs. She is now in my inner circle, and I'm a lot more respectful to her because now she isn't "just another girl". I don't make any sexual advances on her whatsoever. She is now in my world, and I know that I am awesome, so now she has to start gaming me. This is the point where all of the power shifts to me. Everything is working to my advantage. She's thinking "Wow, this is a great guy. Why isn't he hitting on me?"

I know that she's really into me. Do I go straight for the kill? No. I know that brides are very psychologically oriented. What do I mean? They get a kick out of a man that knows how to be psychologically stimulating.

For instance, let's use the latest girl, Cornfed. When she first brought up having sex at Mirror Lake, I just kind of smiled and slowly turned away my eyes instead of going "OH YEAH BABY, LETS GO HAVE SEX!". What did this say? It said that I'm a guy who's very experienced with brides, and not the guy who is desperate for just a piece of ass. Notice the difference? I left her wide open, wandering, letting the thoughts of sex with me process in her head for awhile.

Sex. How do I go about it? Ignore my past postings about getting brides into bed, because those were my processes of the past. I'm a very different person now. But yeah, sex. When it's time to have sex, I don't play any games, as in trying to trick her into having sex with me.

As many brides will tell you, I'm very straightforward. By now, I know that she wants me. I don't have to play any games. I simply grab her (or say "let's go", "you ready to leave?" etc.) and lead her to the bedroom. She knows what's about to happen. Notice how I'm already assuming that we're going to have sex. I am confident that it will happen.

The nine inch cock. Is that the reason why brides enjoy sex with me? It's only a small part of the equation. Understand, that I'm not all about the one night stands anymore (not to say that I don't still have them occasionally). I am about making a genuine connection. That way, everything I say and do, is real. I take my time with sex. I find out what pleasures her the most, and for some brides that's not a huge dick. I kiss. I tease. I say the sweet nothings.

And if I don't know what pleasures her? I can usually read her body well, her contractions, the rhythm of her breath, how tightly she's squeezing me, how red her body is turning, but if I can't figure her out, I find out. I ask questions. I want to know what pleasures her. Every woman is different, so it's very important that you talk openly about this, and get over your own ego.