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Verse on Lifestyle

by John Max

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At first, I thought about doing this Verse on style, but then it hit me, what’s fashionable is objective. What’s seen as an attractive clothing style, varies from group to group. So, what is more important than style, more universal?

Oh, what’s this? Wait for it…

Turkeyneck: “Dude, I’m only getting fat chicks. I don’t like fat chicks.”

Well, if you stopped spending your time at McDonald’s, you might not be doomed to attracting fat brides.

Lifestyle. It won’t necessarily get you brides, but it determines the types of brides that you attract. For instance, if you’re a rocker guy, then you’re going to attract rocker chicks. And the only non-rocker brides that you’re going to attract, are brides who want to assimilate into your rocker lifestyle.

Being who I am, there is no wonder why I attract artsy brides and party girls. My life revolves around it. I’m an artsy guy that parties a lot. Everything about my lifestyle reflects it. The way I dress, the way my apartment looks, the places I go.

Want to attract a certain type of woman? Then play the part. You can’t show up to a high-class bar in a Farmer John shirt, expecting brides to be attracted to you. You’d have to dress like a high-class guy in order to attract these brides.

If you’re wondering how to get a particular lifestyle, then you need to observe the way these people dress, what their territory looks like (apartment, places they hang out), and what they do for fun. Incorporate it into you.

The quick route of faking the lifestyle might score you a one-night stand, but if you’re looking for a more meaningful relationship, then there are no shortcuts. You can’t fake it. Relationships, and social circles, develop over time. Enough time to weed out a fake. And you know how much everyone hates a fake.

The lifestyle has to become you. Become the lifestyle, and the brides in it will follow.

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Your lifestyle is a reflection of you

The type of brides that you attract is a result of your lifestyle

Faking a lifestyle might get you a one-night stand, but not a meaningful relationship

To obtain a certain lifestyle, study the people in it

Where do they hang out?

How do they dress?

What do they do for fun?

Lifestyles develop over time



This is a fairly easy activity. When building up my wardrobe, I often look around for the type of look I’m going for. Buy a magazine that has men dressed the way that would attract the type of brides you want to attract into your life.

What are they wearing, and where can you get this style of clothing?


The first thing that you’ll notice about me in any social situation that is new to me? I am quiet. Very quiet and observant. That is how I usually start out. Next? I step it up. A simple hello, or hey. Once I am comfortable with simply introducing myself, I may start delivering a compliment or asking a simple question, such as “What’re you drinking” or “Where’d you get those shoes”.

What you can see, is that I slowly build myself up. And with time, everyone knows who I am. I am completely comfortable in that social situation, and I become very deadly with brides. Simply put, when I get comfortable, no guy is any competition for me. No guy at all.

The observant part, lets you get a feel for the people in the social circle that you want to become a part of. And from there, you slowly let your presence be known. If you come on too strong, try to jump in too fast, not knowing how their social system works, you risk coming off as the weird guy and forever killing your chances of getting into that social circle.

By using the above system, I have been able to successfully weave myself into many social circles and lifestyles. I have went into parties a quiet guy, and left with every woman wanting to get to know me. What is acceptable in one social circle may not be acceptable in another, so that’s why I go into new social situations with quiet caution. Move in, but do it at a non-startling pace.


Peer pressure, do not give in to it. Simply put, if you have to do something that you are against, just for friends, then chances are, that social circle wasn’t meant for you anyway. Like I once said, I do smoke weed from time to time, but under no circumstances whatsoever, will I ever do coke.

And if it means that I’ll never become friends with people who are a part of that social circle associated with coke? Then so be it. It is not worth compromising my beliefs over. I am a man who has faith in his beliefs, and I shall stand as one.

Watch who your friends are. This is coming from a guy that has had his friends try to shoot hill, friends steal money from him, and friends intentionally try to sabotage his chances with brides.

All of your friends should be on the same level as you. What do I mean by this? They should be experiencing the same kind of success. Otherwise, your successes will breed envy in them. They’ll grow jealous of what you have, and do whatever it takes to make it their own.

This is why I only surround myself with successful people. I only surround myself with guys who can get girls on their own. And I only surround myself with guys who share similar beliefs as me.

Together? You are united. And divided? You shall fall.


These are the five verses. The Chosen Verses. All of your inner game will come from these five verses. Brides will come to you because of these five verses. These five verses? Learn them. Know them. Become them.

The Chosen Verses are a work in progress. It is my free guide that is continually refined and updated. If you are interested in having me teach my Trifecta seminar for your group or lair, contact me (Assanova). My email address is or send a Facebook message to Omari –Rock You Like A Hurricane-.

The Trifecta seminar covers not only The Chosen Verses, but Assanova’s Simplicity: The No Bullshit Guide To One-Night Stands, and my unreleased teachings about keeping the girl. I’m sure you know what the former two are about, but the unreleased teachings cover such topics as getting your girl to do whatever you want, properly rewarding her, and making it to where she can’t live without your presence in her life.

I am a man of reason. $999 plus my travel expenses covers your entire group. I like to travel anyway. If you and your group are interested in the knowledge that I have to share, contact . And like I said, it covers your entire group.

I only expect the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll receive from me. I expect the same of my fellow instructors, and that’s why I have waited until they have fully developed programs of their own before I bring them on. They have great social game. These are the guys that know how to work bars for social value, free drinks, and free VIP.

Even if you decide not to take my Trifecta seminar, do not hesitate to contact me with any personal questions. I am here for a reason, and I believe in my cause. Any personal questions or comments, feel free to contact me. It may take awhile for me to get back to you (busy schedule), but I do try to respond to all of my reader mail in a timely manner.


Six years old. Outside playing. The neighborhood bully throws a basketball at me. He’s too big to fight. I try to walk away…

My Mom: “Omari, you better fucking not let that guy hit you with that ball! Turn your ass around, and beat his fucking ass!”

I hit the guy in his mouth. He starts beating the living shit out of me.

Beaten. Battered. Bruised. But break us? You shall not.

Every punch hurts, but I fight back. He knocks me on the ground. Get up! Fight! Back on the ground. Get up and beat his ass!! I look at my blood all over my shirt. I simply can’t beat this guy.

Tears. Fears. Frustrations. Our journey? It has just begun.

Bloody. Not caring. I give him everything I have. He hits me again. Blood flying out of my nose, my mouth. Blood everywhere. Back on the ground. Give up? I will not. I get up. Attack. And finally? Finally…he backs down.

Small pups? No more. Viscous beasts? We are.

The next day? We shall see…

Kid: “You both threw some strong blows.”

Get up. We rise. Respected. For who are we?

Teenager: “You fight with a lot of heart. Who are you?”

The Chosen.

“Dominance. That's the biggest thing I've picked up.
That you gotta improve yourself, follow your passion, and get
good at it. Present it to brides who'll appreciate it and they'll flock
to you.

Another simple yet overlooked thing I like is you
make real connections with girls. No real connection, no go.

Don't ask to do anything. I noticed you never push for sex. You go at her pace and if she gives you that hard to get bullshit you back off until she comes after you again. Macktastic.

Not wasting time on 'maybe chicks'. I like that. It's really desperate and now I understand that.

The importance of looking your best. You're a great example that dressing well and uniquely can make things easier.

Also you don't hold back. You're upfront about what you expect and you speak your mind and do what you want. Thanks for helping me bring more of that out in myself. That's how I've always wanted to communicate with brides.

You need to keep writing. Your simple straight to the point funny way of explaining things along with tons of examples is VERY unique. The seduction industry is completely saturated with garbage all saying the same thing with different lingo. I picked up the new book and I think you could make some serious money writing ebooks like that.

It's simple and it works. You even explained something like state matching and leading in such a way a high school freshmen could read it and go do it today. I'm really impressed. It's a great reminder of how simple it really is if you have your shit together.

Keep this up and you'll put some 'gurus' out of business.

-Emeka O

“Once upon a time I was a really nice guy. Girls were not to be touched and needed to be protected from the assholes who would take advantage of their insecurity. But after years of trying to raise a girls' self esteem as a way to get her I realized that was similar to bullrushing a wall headfirst multiple times.

My cousin saw that I wanted to succeed with brides so he gave me some stuff to read. I burned through this 500 page tome of information and it helped a great deal, with still no success. I then read quite a bit more.

Through this time my views had changed, but my actions had not. I would think in one way and behave in a different way. At this point I actually TRIED to be more of an asshole. I had put a conscious effort into being an asshole to no avail; girls said to me "you try to be a jerk but you're really a very nice guy". FUCK!!! All my hard work, for nothing!

Then I found asshole literature. Stuff written by Tucker Max and Omari. After trying for one and a half years to improve myself, I found my way. Reading this stuff has made me improve faster than I ever have. Seeing them as examples on how to behave like YOURSELF, I'm more sure of my actions and don't make apologies for things that I do.

Girls are actually looking at me now, one's that I don't know at all. Like in the mall, on the bus, at school, across the street, at my first kegger(I'm 18 btw), at my older sisters(21) parties, in HMV, at a Halo 2 Tournament I directed(haha, her bf was right there too); anywhere there's girls, I get looks. I didn't get a lot of muscle or change my cloths or hair that much so it couldn't be that. My sister attributes my new success to "maybe you're becoming an asshole, that's what always happens".
-Tyson C

“I have read most of the stuff available, techniques, styles, patterns and a whole lot more. While all of that stuff helped me move from being a shy guy to being a more relaxed person, the stuff Omari writes put my game on a completely different level. I have moved away from relying on routines to saying exactly what is on my mind and getting what I want. I haven't gotten his new book on one night stands, but if I hear its as funny and insightful as his other writing then its only a matter of time before I get this too. I wouldn't recommend Omari's stuff for the faint of heart, because his honesty is harsh, but for me and anyone who isn't afraid to put themselves out there his insights are invaluable.” -David Y

“1) One thing that comes to mind is I think you misattribute what causes your success. I think it's less opening direct or being sincere or whatever, and more that you're a funny asshole, which is pretty much synonymous with good attraction game. My favorite reports from you you mention a few things you say to the girl early on and I often laugh out loud while reading them.
2) Another thing that strikes me is that you seem to do a lot of takeaways. Sometimes I read the reports and I think "woah, why'd he leave that girl, it looks like she was into him" I guess that's one of those things that separates the good, the willingness to walk away really hooks them, and your reports definitely demonstrate that.
3) You do seem to game like most naturals, no routines, early C/F, and emphasis on ONSs over phone game. That's definitely cool, and a style of game I respect and plan to eventually get to.
4) Another thing is that you don't seem to do group theory much, which I would say is overrated in some cases, especially if you hook the target quick. I'm curious whether that's an accurate observation, and also whether you open mixed sets at all?
5) People say ONS is all logistics, but I can see that to a large extent, how much the girl is into you is far more important. You seem to pull in a lot of situations where the girl pretty much decides that she wants you and wants to get with you that night, regardless of the circumstances.

Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog, there's some insightful stuff there, and you clearly know what you're doing.”
Slava K

“I learned that you shouldn't make a problem where there is none.

I also learned that other people will always try to drag you down ( sometimes intentionally, sometimes subconsciously) if you try to fly above the race, by simply being real.

Furthermore I learned that people should like you for who you really are and not for how you make them feel. You should always put your own unique personality out there in the best light possible and welcome the people that accept it and cut the people that don't accept it out of your life.

Another thing I learned from your blog (and from personal experience) is to stay away from routines.”
-Chris E

“Reach in between your legs, and scratch.Some of you might be wondering, "scratch what?"

That's the point

If your testicles aren't the size of small planets, you've more then likely missed out on much of the opportunities life has thrown you. Technically, you're a woman in a mans body. That is to say- You're weak.

Nobody respects a man who can't be a man, just as you can't respect yourself. You either bitch and whine that "I can't do it, it's too hard" or you take your lumps, and get one step closer to that man you want to be.

Omari has a good understanding of this path that, sadly, too few men decide to take. There is a reality and a sincerity to his story that most "PUA's" lack. This guy is going places, it's simply a matter of who wants to come along for the ride.”
-Jeremy H